Mound Psychological Services

Licensed Psychologist or Therapist in St. Louis Park, MN

Mound Psychological Services is seeking a licensed MA- or PhD-level provider to fill a part or full-time position in St. Louis Park, working with children, adolescents, adults, and/or couples and families.  Mound Psychological Services is an established practice in the St. Louis Park area and as a result, has exisiting referral streams for utilization by providers.  It offers the advantage of group contracts with several insurance companies, including Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Health Partners, Preferred One, and BHP, so providers are able to take a wider variety of insurance types, and thus, increase referral opportunities.  Mound Psychological allows providers to set their own hours to better fit provider and client schedules.  It also provides the advantage of low overhead costs through cooperative scheduling of office space.  Providers are given the option to utilize existing billing services or complete their own electronic billing to help keep their expenses low.  Further, Mound Psychological Services encourages autonomy in providers and offers a relaxed work enviroment to foster higher levels of work satisfaction and reduce burnout.  

If interested, please send your resume to Mound Psychological Services: or call 612-223-7992.